5 Tech Lessons from 2020 That Need Your Attention

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that no amount of planning can protect organizations from unforeseen circumstances. Despite the uncertainty of this year, one fact is clear. Any IT solutions you build must deliver the resiliency, flexibility and cost control that your organization needs to survive 2020 and thrive in the year ahead.

As your organization’s IT leaders plan the upcoming year, several key takeaways should be top of mind. By focusing on these 5 key areas, organizations can better utilize their budgets and resources to ensure their success as they head into 2021 and beyond.


Your organization needs to be proactive in learning from the past to safeguard a successful future. With help from a Professional Technology Organization (PTO) like Net-Tech, you can protect your staff and stakeholders from the uncertainties of the pandemic, including the cyberattacks that have exploded in 2020 — increasing by as much as 400% in a single month.

There are many reasons why cyberattacks from malicious actors have had such an impact in 2020, with many of us working from home. One survey found that 76% of remote workers said that the change in their work environment would increase the time they took to identify and contain a breach. And it isn’t just remote work that’s changed how we look at cybersecurity. Infrastructure, hardware and network security all play a role as well.

Today, we’ll break down our top 5 tech takeaways from 2020 and show you what changes will help your organization thrive in 2021.

Hardware and Infrastructure as a Service (HaaS and IaaS)

Since work teams are spread out across the city, and maybe even across the country, hardware and infrastructure have never been more important. To ensure your staff can collaborate despite the distance, the hardware and infrastructure you use are critical. One overarching trend for 2020 that will only continue to grow in importance in 2021 is the cloud. Adopting cloud infrastructure will help your organization become more agile and productive while reducing costs but implementing it can be intimidating for even the most skilled IT professional.

Instead of struggling alone, let Net-Tech help you get the hardware and infrastructure you need. Our hardware and infrastructure as a service model is just one aspect of Total Care Cloud, The IT subscription program that gives you the freedom to grow and expand without having to worry about your hardware or infrastructure lagging behind. With support from Net-Tech, your infrastructure will always grow (or shrink) with you.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

In 2020, many organizations were caught flat-footed when they suffered a breach or a disaster on their premises. Squarely focused on surviving the pandemic, they were caught off guard when they were forced to rely on old or outdated disaster-recovery and business-continuity plans.

To thrive in 2021, organizations must be prepared for any eventuality with a robust business continuity plan that takes a variety of circumstances, like a data breach or ransomware attack, into account.

Worried that your plan won’t protect you in 2021? Get in touch with an expert from Net-Tech who can tell you about the backup and DR tools that are included with every Total Care Cloud subscription.

Remote Workforce

Early 2020 was all about figuring out how to collaborate remotely while still maintaining organizational goals. As your organization moves forward and more staff transition to being remote full-time, your IT department should be proactive in determining what software and services have helped to lower costs and support employees and where there is still room for growth. One area that has largely been neglected is security.

In 2021, organizations will need to determine how to continue supporting employees safely. A partnership with Net-Tech will help by introducing easy-to-use VPN technology as well as secure, conditional, zero-trust access for all employees through the robust NetMotion Enterprise Mobile Solution.

Software and LOB Hosting

Organizations who rely on software and line-of-business apps to keep their workforce going need to take a hard look at their security and reliability going forward into 2021. If you want to have reliable network security and ongoing support that keeps all line-of-business applications and software available 24/7, you need to work with a team that can create a stable and efficient multi-cloud solution.

Instead of being forced to troubleshoot a complex multi-cloud solution in-house, let our Net-Tech team offer end-to-end support, giving you the freedom to get back to business.


It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that most cybersecurity experts believe that remote workers will be the primary target of cybercriminals moving into 2021. With most of us relying on remote workers, organizations must be vigilant, even if they believe they’re too small to merit attention from bad actors.

Even the most attentive organizations can quickly fall behind, leaving themselves vulnerable to new threats. Instead of continually playing catch-up, partner with an organization that can constantly monitor your network security, so you’re never caught by surprise. A cybersecurity risk analysis from Net-Tech can help you learn where there are vulnerabilities that need to be closed before the new year.

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